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You were involved in a car accident. Now what?

First, if possible, you want to move out of the way so you do not get hurt more than you already are. Second, assess any injuries and make sure everyone is cared for. Third, call the police—if you are going to bring a lawsuit, a police report is highly important. Fourth, gather information, by taking pictures, getting names of witnesses, etc. Fourth, exchange information with drivers of other vehicles including insurance information, name and address. Fifth, call your insurance company and report the claim. The best lawyers for your Car Accident in Anchorage should not only know the above, but also other vital information required to take your accident claim from intake to settlement or, if necessary, trial.

car accident

car accident

Nearly all cases settle, because trials are a big risk and typically take years to get to. Settlements are favored because the parties resolve a case much more quickly and allow the parties to control the mutually agreeable remedy.

Although there is no exact formula for determining settlement amounts in Alaska, parties and attorneys will typically consider (i) the levels of insurance coverage, (ii) the amount of car repairs, (iii) medical bills (past and future), (iv) pain and suffering, and (v) lost wages.

Attorneys for your Car Accident in Anchorage also know important facts such as (i) you only have two years from the date of the accident to file your claim, known as the “statute of limitations”, (ii) any award from a judge or jury will be reduced by any amount it is deemed that you are responsible, known as “comparative negligence”, (iii) you

typically cannot get punitive damages in a negligence case, (iv) all drivers are required to have auto insurance coverage not less than $50,000 in bodily injury per accident, $100,000 in bodily injury for all people in the accident and $50,000 for property damage.

While settlement is the ultimate goal of all attorneys and the court system, properly preparing a case for trial is necessary to put your case in the best posture to achieve a positive settlement. To do this, your attorney will require the open and honest provision of information about your accident; gather information such as photographs and information surrounding damage; past accidents and driving records of all involved; and more.

There is no question that your claim surrounding Car Accident in Anchorage is far more likely to succeed if you retain an competent attorney. Without it, you are unlikely to know all the rules and regulations necessary to prosecute your claim, something that could, unfortunately, result in no recovery whatsoever.

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