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Essential questions you should ask a personal injury attorney

Accidents don’t come with a warning! That’s why it’s called an accident. It strikes when people are not prepared. And the after-effects are dangerous; not many can cope up with the loss. After an accident, people need to pass through uncertainty. They have to make some quick decisions. Seeking medical attention after an accident is imperative. But sometimes, people miss out on the most crucial aspect. That is opting in for legal representation. You can opt-in for that only when you get in touch with an expert personal injury attorney.


Today, finding a personal injury attorney is not difficult. Most law firms have their websites that you can browse online. It helps you decide which legal firm you should join hands with. But there are a few critical questions that you should ask a personal injury attorney. A few relevant ones are discussed below:


  1. The specialization areas

You should contact an attorney who specializes in the field that you require. The attorney needs to have ample experience in representing personal injury cases. Various attorneys specialize in multiple aspects. So, before you partner with an attorney, make sure that he/she is an expert in representing and winning personal injury cases. You can ask for a past case history. Alternatively, scan the website and also check online reviews and testimonials. It will provide you with quick information.


  1. Has your attorney fought a similar case in the past? If yes, how did it go?

Yours could be a case where you or a dear one got hit by another individual’s rash driving. Probably the one who hurt you or your loved one physically, claims you were not abiding by the traffic rules. Even if that holds true, nothing justifies rash driving. You need an attorney who understands the crux of the matter before he/she decides to represent his case.


Hence, it’s best to inquire whether your attorney has represented a similar case ever. If he/she has, you inquire about the status of the case. Did he win the legal battle for his client? Is the case still awaiting the final verdict? An honest and expert lawyer will not hide the real outcome from you. And based on the details shared you may decide if you want to opt-in for this attorney or not. Checking your attorney’s past performance is not intruding in his/her personal space. You are ensuring that you put your time, money and trust in the correct place.


  1. Will there be more attorneys in your case?

Both business owners and individuals opt-in for an attorney based on what they’ve seen on television. They have zero ideas about how the legal processes work. There are times when they work in excess. And one legal matter needs to be managed by two attorneys. Sometimes, even the non-attorney case managers come into the picture. You might find junior attorneys are attending the hearings. Don’t get surprised. It could very much be the legal process. All you need to do is ask your personal injury attorney if he/she is the only one working on your legal case. If there’s someone else who might join temporarily, your attorney will inform you.


  1. The approximate time for the legal case to resolve?

A personal injury case will have medical bills. Sometimes, the victim needs to be on rest. But there will be a time when the victim will have to resume back the ordinary course of life. And this is where they need to know when their case might get resolved. The legal systems are complex and unpredictable. Sometimes, verdicts change or get delayed because there’s a change in judges. Your personal injury case might require an investigative doctor visit. Else, your witness might not show up on the court. Considering the way the legal case progresses, you can enquire the approximate time for case resolution. An ace personal injury lawyer will have an idea about it.


  1. Know whether lawyers function with contingency?

Several personal injury attorneys won’t charge a penny for any services. They might take a chunk from monies that you might get when there’s a favorable outcome. It is called a contingency fee. Here the lawyer’s payment is completed based on you getting a refund, as your compensation. There are personal injury attorneys who might agree to pay for medical expenses and doctor visits as the case progresses. They spend even before you get the compensation.


Just in case the lawyer charges you for his services hourly, it might become costly for you too soon. It could become tough for you to pay up when your medical bills are yet to get cleared. Hence, it’s a smart call to ask if the lawyers are working on a contingency plan.


  1. How can you enhance the success scope of your legal case?

The vast majority of people think hiring a personal injury attorney is all they need to do, after an accident. Once they have the lawyer on board, they can take a backseat. They feel that the lawyer will do all that is needed to make the legal case successful. In reality, even the victim needs to work in a certain way to ensure that the situation is successful in court. They might have to check with a couple of doctors and get the required medical documents. Hence, always ask an attorney about the things you should do, to enhance the success chance of the legal representation.


  1. The frequency of the lawyer going to a trial

It is one of the most relevant questions. The insurance companies that pay for the victim’s injuries will provide settlements. However, this settlement can be significantly less than what you can attain if the legal case is on trial. It is essential that your attorney observes the aspects and outlines the course of action. You can ask a personal injury attorney if they are considering a trial and how frequently. That way you will have an idea about how your legal case is progressing.


There are several other questions that you may ask your personal injury lawyer! To start with, you can consider these questions mentioned above. And depending on the way your case progresses you can add more queries.


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