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Actions to take when you are involved in a car accident for which you are not at fault

Motor vehicle accidents can sometimes be bad enough to cause serious injuries. Even it can lead to catastrophic injuries that can have far-reaching effects on the lives of victims. To protect the legal rights of victims, one should know how to react after an accident so that they find enough resources to strengthen their case. This should help to file a claim for compensation for personal injury under the guidance of Cohen Winters – Injury Lawyer. Taking the right steps after the accident is very important to maintain a logical sequence of events that provides the resources for collating information and evidence to build a strong case for the victim.

Check for injuries and seek medical assistance

Injuries can be fatal in some cases, and you must act soon after an accident and check for injuries sustained by the driver of your vehicle and passengers who was accompanying you. If the injuries are minor and do not cause much discomfort or pain, you can ignore it. Otherwise, you must seek emergency help right away. Quickly seeking medical assistance is critical to avoid the aggravation of health problems that can sometimes turn quite serious.

Call the police

Regardless of whether it is legally binding to seek police report because some states allow filing your own report online hours or even days after the accident, it is always advisable to call the police. The police report helps in many ways especially the views of the officer who assesses the injuries and damages on the spot that can help to establish the liability of the accident more effectively.

Gather information

Gathering information from the spot is the primary task, and you must talk to the other driver to know his or her name, address, telephone number, insurance details and type of vehicle. Look for witnesses and gather similar information from them.  Take pictures of injuries, damages and the scene of the accident and take note of any surveillance cameras at the spot or in the vicinity.

Avoid talking

Do not engage in discussions with people at the accident site except for gathering information from the other driver and witnesses as well as describing the incident in details to police. Being too much vocal might go against you if others overhear or the driver might pick up some stray conversation and use it to dilute the charges. Be careful not to speak anything that can point towards you for being responsible for the accident and refrain from admitting fault when you are trying to prove that the other driver was at fault.

Contact a lawyer

Contact a personal injury lawyer and entrust the case to him or her for talking to your insurance company first and studying the case in-depth to explore the possibilities of claiming compensation. Once the lawyer takes up your case, he or she starts communicating on your behalf and drives the case through the legal processes to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company of the other driver.

If it does not yield satisfactory results, it could lead to filing a lawsuit.


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